Since their graduation the two architects have worked together on countless projects and have now a great experience in architectural design, visualisation and project management.

Throughout their over 30 years of professional practice they worked on villas, multi flats houses, hotels, shop interiors and car centres.

Gabriella does interior design in addition to her practice in architecture, Sándor educated on the Department of Residential Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Budapest University of Technology and Economics over 15 years.

They both expertise in computer aided 3d visualisation too.

Their aim is to work on each project from the very first sketches up to the completion of the implementation.

They have built up long term relationship with returning clients and  are cooperating with skilled specialist engineers.


Mészáros Gabriella
Dipl. Ing. Architect, M.Sc. in Architecture and Engineering



Bereczki Sándor
Dipl. Ing. Architect, M.Sc. in Architecture and Engineering

Kapsza Ágnes

Dipl. Designer